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Winter Walk

I'm haunted by the fact that this is my last semester, and with trying to figure out what that tastes like. Stopping to notice things more.  Savor.  That's good.

Spending lots of shower time giving imaginary talks, begging my unemployed fellow students to be extra-kind to themselves.  Do one hard thing in the job department--and no more--every day.  Take the money and time and energy you will waste with various self-destructive or useless activities, and do or get something that will nourish you. Marshall all the people who think you're amazing and get them to stand by for when you feel low, to show you how they see you.

Don't hang around with people who are negative.  It's easy to be cynical, and some people think it's cool, but it's toxic.  Would you rather tear things down or build things?

Do your best to take nothing personally.  It's really not about you.  Really.

Do your best to avoid complaining and blaming.  You don't have the spare time and energy for that.

Keep trying to get clear about what you want, job-wise.  Keep stepping back to the big principles, rather than the specific jobs.  If you know it when you see it, your enthusiasm will show through.  If you just need a paycheck and that's your whole reason for applying, that will show, too.

Of course, there's fear and the need for income.  But don't focus on them. They can be in the car but don't let them drive.  You're building your life here, making choices daily about who you want to be, how you want to live.  In large part, you create your own reality.  Keep the big picture in mind while you do the little steps.